Second Edition Book Shop, located at 6831 Stirling Road in the Shops at Stirling Place Plaza, is an independent, family owned store specializing in new and used book sales. Our books are sold at half the cover price (or less) and we have a tremendous inventory of mystery, romance, paranormal, literary fiction, classics, sci-fi, kids, self help, non-fiction, and everything in between.

We recently won Best Local Bookstore in 2013 and 2014 from WPLG Local 10 and Best Book Store by the Broward/Palm Beach New Times in 2013 and 2009.

We believe the book is a uniquely durable object, one that can be fully enjoyed without being damaged. A book does not require battery life, service, or software updates.  A book can be read over and over, and shared with family and friends. It will not crash or freeze on you, and even if it is full of sand it will still work perfectly. Books require no special training to operate and will be your friends for years to come.

Support the industry and the hard work it takes to become one of your beloved authors and help save libraries and used bookstores at the same time by avoiding digital formats and buying real books.